I read them until I fell asleep last night and the night before.  #YesAllWomen stories.  Fear, pay inequity, shame, anger, sexual assault, entitlement — are you listening?  It won’t take long, fewer than 140 characters.  Still not listening?  Then, your ignorance is part of the problem.  Listening is a sign of #respect.  The stunned one when I asked him, “In your career, how many men have you given your ‘you ought to be a little nicer’ lecture that you just gave me?”  Go ahead, tell me, I’m listening.  #YesAllWomen are listening too.  Silence.  Silence doesn’t mean I’m alone because all along, as I walked into every lab, down every street, sat in every classroom, went on every date, rode every train, as I entered every board room and sat in business class where no one else looked like me — #YesAllWomen stood by me.


  1. Thank you for writing about #YesAllWomen, Sherilyn, because so many men AND women cannot even understand the problem. They truly cannot see the point. That’s how ingrained inequality is in our society. #respect

    1. Thanks, Kim. I am so grateful to the women and men — strangers to me — who have shared their experiences. I am humbled by their willingness to share, to be heard, and now that we know more, we can all do more. Do better. It’s been the most powerful hashtag I have ever experienced.

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