Our Heroes Need Us Too

Sherilyn Lee and Kara Swisher at BlogHer14
Me and THE @KaraSwisher at BlogHer14 – ERMAHGERD, ERMAHGERD, ERMAHGERD!

I am hungry to observe real people who negotiate the complexities of their passions, professions — the courageous ones who are polished by their hard fought successes and failures.  Arriving at BlogHer14, I didn’t know who Kara Swisher was but when she was introduced to the audience as the CEO of Re/code and  Silicon Valley’s Most Feared and Well-Liked Journalist, I sat up straight and paid attention.

“People are afraid of her, and they trust her,” Barry Diller says. “That’s not an everyday combination.”

Within a few seconds, I learned what people in Silicon Valley had known for years.  She calls it out in technology, a place where I made the career preserving choice to be silent.  Swisher is intelligent, open, honest, and above all, unapologetic.  I was late to the Kara Swisher party but will stay and dance until the lights come up and the band goes home.

BlogHer14’s serendipity gave me a chance to meet briefly with her.  I introduced myself by telling her that she is my new spirit animal.  We decided in the moment that she was a honey badger, which somehow led to roller derby.

“I LOVE ROLLER DERBY!” she said with a big smile.  Then paused to confirm, “You do that?”

I explained that I referee banked track roller derby and she listened, nodded slowly.  Here is the woman who scoops big tech news on a regular basis.  She even played herself on HBO’s Silicon Valley.  And, she’s a roller derby fan.  Just as I cheer for her and her voice, she cheers for me.  I had made a connection – keep doing, keep writing, keep at it because our heroes and rock stars need us too.


  1. I think I fell for Kara immediately after she said these words, “Oh, Most Feared and Loved just means I’m a bitch who can be hugged.” Fell hard. She’s our Patronus. #bte

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