Postcard from Burning Man 2014



Hello from my second burn! (This is my second time at Burning Man.)  Here’s a selfie with the guest of honor. He’s a handsome guy!  For me, the most important thing about Burning Man is that it reinforces three practices that I want to transfer to my life in the default world (life outside of Black Rock City). First, Burning Man, is so large, it’s impossible to see it all, so relax and enjoy what I can. Second, so many things on The Playa are ephemeral – one moment an art exhibit will be there, the next day it’s gone. There is just this moment to talk to that person.  So if something is important, do it now, appreciate it now.  Third, the magic of serendipity sprinkled with kindness.  People on the playa are happy to give and assist.  So help one another, raise a glass, look around, have fun, be in it – be in this very moment.

With warmest alohas from Black Rock City,

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