Postcard from NV88, Black Rock City Airport


Yes, there is an airport at Burning Man. It’s the only airport in the FAA’s registry that is open for a week (or so) a year. Even experienced burners are surprised to learn that when NV88 is running, it is the second busiest airport in the state of Nevada.

Much of Burning Man’s infrastructure runs on the hours donated by the many volunteers who attend the festival.   Yes, Burning Man is also about being of service.

This is my second year volunteering at the Customs Office – here I am stepping through the safety glass in our door (see pic).   After a passenger lands, checks in at the ticket office, pays the $40 landing fee, then they come and see me. I am the final stop before a passenger enters Burning Man. I make sure they know the rules (yes, Burning Man has rules), make sure they know where they are going (wandering lost in the heat dragging luggage and provisions is no fun), and answer any questions that they have.

So, why buy a Burning Man ticket, haul yourself and your stuff out to Black Rock City, only to give up a precious nap or shenanigans away from the parade of costumes, way out on the edge of The Playa? Some people would say it’s the celebrity sightings, the SWAG (see pic), or the inside intel of what’s happening at Burning Man. For me, it’s much simpler than that. The airport staff has been nothing but professional and kind — on and off The Playa. They love their volunteers, value our time, provide hospitality, and take good care of us. Isn’t that a good reason to be anywhere?

Warmest alohas from dusty Black Rock City,


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