Postscript: Burning Man has an Urgent Care


So, yeah, I have a lot of bracelets from volunteering in the infrastructure of Burning Man — here’s the deal with the white one.  Don’t worry – all is well.

Late Monday night, my throat burned like it did once about three years ago. Heartburn.  (See, I told you, it’s no big deal.)  I thumbed through our big first aid kit – allergy medication, decongestants, pain relievers, cold medication, etc. – I had packed every over the counter remedy, except antacid.  It was a simple oversight.

The next evening, I didn’t feel any better. An upset tummy didn’t stop my fun on The Playa, but while I was out and about, I biked over to Rampart, Burning Man’s 24 hour urgent care trailer. It might have been around 10 p.m. and even though it was busy, I was greeted, banded, and triaged immediately. Patients sat in plastic patio chairs around the cool waiting room’s perimeter talking to the staff member assisting them. I don’t remember anyone waiting to be helped.

The waiting room was tidy, bathed in flourescent light, but everyone in their dusty shoes surrounded by the graffiti, handwritten advice and cautionary tales scrawled by prior patients, reminded us that we were definitely still on the Playa. While the EMT took my vitals I noted one in pink sparkly swirl, “Don’t eat food from strangers.”

The EMT asked me some questions, we filled out the rest of the one page form, he gave me some antacids and I was on my way back to the fun. It was that simple.  There are many queues at Burning Man and this important one was well-run, efficient.  Big mahalos to the Black Rock City Emergency Services team for helping me out of this pickle and volunteering your expertise and professional services at Burning Man!

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