Postcard from Deathguild’s Thunderdome at Burning Man


Got some unfinished business on The Playa?  Well, you and a friend can settle it at Deathguild Camp’s Thunderdome.  (Strangers are not allowed to fight.)  Participants are strapped into trapeze bungee harnesses, given foam bats, a go signal, and it’s on. The Emcee divides the audience on the dome in half, assigning each a warrior. The audience does its part, cheering, shaking fists as contestants swing their bats, bounce off the playa and kick up some dust. After a particularly hard hit, The Emcee might guess at what has brought these two to the Thunderdome. At the refs’ discretion, the warriors may be pulled apart and bounced back towards one another, swinging, twisting, hitting until the refs call it. Sign up early, there’s a line to fight.

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