Just How Long Do We Say “Happy New Year”?

Too late?  Nah.
Too late? Nah.

Yesterday, I went to get my hair done.  Yolande is a rock and roller, owns her own salon, and makes being a go-getter look easy.  She laughs often and when problems happen, she doesn’t overreact, rather respects them with the time needed (but not one moment more) then lets them go.  Also, I think she likes Hello Kitty almost as much as I do.  She greeted me with a big smile, “Happy New Year!”

It was the fourteenth of January and I giggled, wished her the same, then thought about how long into the new year people greet one another with a nod to our planet making it around the sun one more time.

“I had to wish you a happy new year, I haven’t seen you since before the holidays,” said Yolande — smiling, studying what to do with all of my hair, “It’s getting so long.”

She’s right — I hadn’t seen her since just before my last blog post here.

This time of the year is tricky.  For those who make resolutions, the reality of the challenges have set in.  Admittedly, when I make resolutions, I game the system.  I start working on the changes I want to make in October or November, so I can fail early and fast, then in January, armed with some lessons learned, I put some shoulder into it.

And that’s where I’ve been.  I’ve been, as Yolande noted, growing it out.  Since returning from Big Sur, I have approached my writing in a new way.  It’s been fruitful and we’ll talk about that over the next few weeks.  So, yes, it’s not too late to wish you a very Happy New Year!  Writing this blog has been a grand experiment, thank you for being witness to it, to my writing, and to me.  May 2015 be your best year yet.


  1. … HNY … is authorized … but, only until … the New Years Resolution is broken … HNY iff NYR else no HNY authorized ….

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