What is Your Thing?

In a recent blog post at the Good Men Project, Tim Mousseau writes about the importance of defining our elements that we need to be successful in our work.  He describes what he carries with him, “Whenever I leave my apartment with this bag, I know I am going to accomplish much.” 

Back in the day, I wrote in coffeehouses and on planes.  I rarely write in coffeehouses anymore.  There are too many distractions, but I still love writing on planes.  Uninterrupted time with unlimited beverages is glorious.  I mostly write at home at a desk that faces a wall.  And this afternoon just as I was going to write this post, the internet connection went out.

And I hadn’t eaten lunch.  Hooray for good timing!  Kerry, a friend of mine, owns a coffeehouse nearby that has wifi and she’s always happy to serve me her fantastic chicken curry sandwich. 

“Finding our thing is essential to successful work because they help us adjust,” writes Mousseau.  So, here’s what I took with me…


PaperMate Profile 1.4B ballpoint pens – They write smoothly and I smell the ballpoint ink off the page.  It smells like work.

Notebook – My journal with blog post notes.

Laptop (fully charged) – My connection to my blog and to you.

Headsets – I am distracted by noise, side conversations, and the sweet jams that Kerry plays in her coffeehouse.

iPhone (fully charged) – I work on a timer system, so I use the phone’s clock app and the Forest app to help me keep the writing moving.

Clipboard – A symbol of optimism.  In case I finish this post early, I can sit for a moment and revise some poems.  I keep a stack here.

Reusable cup – Because Carl and Kim work really hard.  They really do.  And I sit down with a drink because I don’t want to give myself an excuse to break away. 

The flowers were already here.  It’s a perk for patronizing Kerry’s place.  And I love flowers.  

My work thing is simple – I need very few supplies and just a few key ones to help me mitigate distractions.

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