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Several years ago, I met the actor, dancer, and playwright, Abby Wake.  We instantly felt a mutual connection of awe and respect for one another’s work.  As if pursuing her own creative projects wasn’t enough, she is an activist for creatives.  She was tired of the destructive, hyper-competitive elements that stunt growth, wanted to meet new women artists, and make a space for them to showcase new and experimental work.  Her compelling vision came to fruition last summer and it’s called AWAKE.

Currently, AWAKE hosts a show every Sunday and Thursday in Los Angeles.  Abby curates a performance by women musicians, dancers, comics, and spoken word artists.  Every show is different and moving.  As an audience member, I’d leave the theater inspired after the end of the show.

So when Abby asked, I had to say yes.  I am delighted to be a 2015 Residency Artist for AWAKE.  This has been an opportunity to be in conversation and connection with many artists and fans of the spoken word.  After my readings, I am touched and humbled by the real-time, in-person reactions from the audience – this is truly being a writer in the world.  This experience has affected and challenged my creative process.

I am so grateful to Abby and the others at AWAKE for this opportunity that has made a difference in my career and invite other women to contact AWAKE to see if this is a creative experience for you.  If you’re in Los Angeles, join me on Thursday, February 19th for my next performance with AWAKE at the Raven Playhouse in North Hollywood.

Photo credit at my first AWAKE reading: Grant Palmer Photography

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