Make it a Point

Someone once told me, "If it's not okay, it's not done yet."
Someone once told me, “If it’s not okay, it’s not done yet.”

The other day, our friend obsessed over an unconfirmed hiccup that might slightly affect my boyfriend, Grant, but not our group’s plans for that evening. To Grant, the outcome didn’t matter – he was still going to attend and planned on having a good time. Our friend continued messaging at Grant, essentially wringing his hands with worry interspersed with random suggestions that made things far more complicated and inconvenient for everyone. Our friend, bless his heart, wouldn’t let this teensy improbability rest.

“Let it go…” said Grant reading yet another message from our friend on his smartphone.

I smiled because this time, he wasn’t saying this phrase to me.

“You know he’s churning on this because he doesn’t want to worry about solving the bigger problems, right?” asked Grant looking up from his smartphone, then held it up for me to read the latest.

I nodded.

“And this is such a small, irrelevant problem that will either never happen or even if it does, it won’t matter,” said Grant.

I nodded again.

As with most things, it’s easy to observe in others and difficult for ourselves to live in. There is a lesson in this for my writing practice. What are the things I make it a point to do?  Why? No need to spend too much energy on why – it should be evident quickly, else if it isn’t, that is also an indicator.  The key is to identify where and when does artificial urgency, irrational fear get in the way, or even worse, take the lead. Artificial urgency and irrational fear don’t get to be in charge of my writing practice.


Image by Scott Akerman via flickr CreativeCommons

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