Make a Big Deal

You have no idea how long I have put off writing this post. This is something I struggle with. From the very beginning of this themed series on “make,” I knew I would include this topic. Yet one of the perils of being a planner and a list maker who is not a multi-tasker is that my downtime between projects is brief. Like, non-existent. Okay, I hop right to the next thing.

Years ago, about two weeks before graduation, Grant and I were walking in town. I stopped on the sidewalk in front of the Radio Shack, turned to him and said, “Hey, the last two years, they are going to give me a master’s degree for this.”

It had just occurred to me that all of the classes and study were going to add up to something — a piece of paper, three more letters after my name. I worked full-time while in graduate school, so this had been quite an effort.

“Yes, yes they are,” he nodded. Grant believed in my dream, happy that it was almost here.

And that was the extent of my thoughts about this. Perhaps because graduate school was a step on a longer journey – I was ready to go on to my next thing.

Come on, CELEBRATE already!

I had never visualized what it would be like to bask in the moment until Grant insisted on gifts, dinners, until my parents threw a graduation luncheon in my honor, until my relatives adorned me with lei after lei until they were up to my ears. Don’t get me wrong. I love to celebrate, to gather, and to acknowledge — someone else. But I am in a hurry to get to my next thing – my next project, my next list. I feel the pull.

What I can tell you is that their way is definitely more fun. It was great to sit at a table filled with my beautiful friends and family. After the photos, I had so much fun removing a lei from my neck and adorning someone else. And these are things I would never have done for myself on my own. But looking back now, I know I want to do them more often. This is something I haven’t figured out yet and maybe you have.  How do you celebrate the big and small in writing, in life?


Image by Matt Reinbold via flickr Creative Commons

This is Day 19 of 20 of BlogHer’s NaNoBloPo Challenge for February 2015.  This month’s challenge is “Make,” check out all of my posts here.


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