Writing from Boxing Day to the First Day of Spring

For me, writing is drafted by hand, pressing a sharpened yellow #2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencil into a page, and swirling from left to right. My computer is mostly for revisions and I log many hours there too. But when I count my writing for myself, it’s the work I’ve done by hand. I have written every single day for the last 85 days.

Journals lead the way to my office
The stairs to my office, the journals since Boxing Day

Here’s what I’ve noticed so far…

1. I’m learning to resist my smartphone.
I use it as a writing timer. But it will also buzz, ring, and I wonder if that email response came, so I could just pick it up and take a peek. Right? Nope. What about researching that one thing on the Internet?  Nope. The answer is no. Put it down. Or better yet, don’t even pick it up. I am missing out on nothing. The coolest thing in the world is happening right in front of me.  Every time I don’t pick it up, it’s a small victory.

2. I miss it when I don’t write.
Usually, I write in the mornings but sometimes life happens. Since the morning has become so ingrained as my writing time, when I realize that I haven’t written, I panic for a beat then remember that I scheduled a writing appointment for later in the day.  Writing has become a habit that I feel.

3. Is writing once a day enough?
Not too long ago, daily writing seemed impossible.  Now sometimes I open my journal and wonder if I need to add another session in the day.  As my friend, Kim Rogers, says, “The more I write, the more I write.” I can’t, other things need to get done. But it’s been better to come to the blank page full, rather than empty.

This all started quietly and simply. I never declared a challenge or proclaimed my intention, I just started showing up. And now, onward to summer.  Happy Spring!

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