#The100DayProject Starts Tuesday!

Do you need to jump start your creative practice? The 100 Day Project might be for you. What do you want to do? Cook? Make jewelry? Take a photo? Draw? Write a poem? Pick something, then every day, starting on Tuesday, April 19th through Wednesday, July 27th, upload a photo to your Instagram feed and show your daily progress with your own hashtag.

Daily progress means small steps.

I attempted this last year and discovered many artists I wouldn’t have any other way. Its creator, Elle Luna, answers all of your questions here.

#THE100DAYPROJECT is a free and open project for anyone who is hungry to jump-start their creative practice, who is curious about being a part of a supportive, nurturing community that celebrates the process, and those who are busy busy busy (🙋🏻) and searching for a bite-sized way to nurture their creativity! Is this you? If so, you’re in the right spot! @peterrific.ph & @gizemicplanets shared this great overview, which I want to share with you: ✔️ Choose your action (an action you will repeat for 100 days) ✔️ Find a unique hashtag for your project, like #100daysof… (This is very important. Choose your own so that you can have all of your work under one hashtag) ✔️ Announce your project on Instagram with your hashtag and #THE100DAYPROJECT hashtag 🏁 Begin Tuesday, April 19th! What will you do with 💯 days of making? We can’t wait to see! Please share this post! 🐢

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I’ll use these days to work on a specific aspect of my creativity — observation. For most of my corporate life, I sat in cubicles or open offices. As a manager, I wasn’t allowed to wear headsets even if they weren’t plugged into anything because it made me look unapproachable. But I still had to get my work done, so unless someone was speaking directly to me, I learned to tune people out. I’d forget to open my ears when I left work, not just for its creative benefits but to also be present in a moment as a human.

Working with Lynda Barry’s “Syllabus” daily has helped me start to break this bad habit. Barry’s advice, “…listen to what people are saying – overheard conversations are full of good lines. Pay attention to how people really speak.”  For the last month, I have been capturing bits of overheard conversation and will continue doing so for #The100DaysProject. I write daily but sending something small out into the world daily has taught me so much about writing and my artistic practice. You may monitor my progress, even if you don’t have a smartphone.

If you’re doing #The100DayProject, please leave your Instagram handle or your project’s hashtag in the comments, I’d love to follow along.


  1. I saw your instagram posts for this. A really awesome take on the #100 day project. Considering I’m one to be great at “overhearing full conversations” at cafes (according to my husband who thinks it’s an uncanny skill, lol), i wish I would’ve thought of it! Can’t wait to see more! Btw, I’m also in board for the 100 Day Project. I’m doing guerilla art in various mediums. You can follow me with #100daysoflettinggo. I’m the one with the tags and haikus. Good luck with the rest of the project!

    1. Hi, Paula! I actually started following you on Day 1 of #the100dayproject and have been enjoying your work. I love that you leave the haikus as something for someone else to discover. Thank you so much for reaching out! I’ll keep watching your work online! 🙂

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