#The100Day Project…so far…


I will be one-third of the way through the #The100DayProject tomorrow. (Late to the party? Catch up here.)

Yes, I’m building the muscle to listen – especially to the beat and rhythm of how people talk. I’ve never written music but when recalling what someone says, I play the rhythm in my head just before I touch my pen to the card. So far, here’s the most liked one and my favorite one on #100DaysofOverheard.

The surprise for me has been how others have reacted to my project. My generous friends have loaned me their voices and wit. Strangers on the street, in stores, in restaurants have simply been themselves. Instagrammers have also been interacting with my project – I love that @natbiz211 joined in on the fun!

This index card has also become my ticket to watch other people create and work. One of my favorite is by a copywriter in Austin, Texas (@brandwriter). He laser cuts his fears into a piece of wood and at the end of the 100 days, he’s going to burn them. @100DaysofAdulting cracks me up but this one made me nod – I didn’t even realize I had done that. And I don’t know how @cathydisbrow gets those pieces done everyday. Every time I search on #The100DayProject, it’s like a potluck. Bring something and share.

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