My Favorite Posts

I started this blog in April 2014. Here are my favorite posts from this journey. Enjoy!



Why I Still Love Groundhog Day – with gratitude and appreciation for Harold Ramis and featured at BlogHer

Writers as Albatross – embodied devotion and love across time and distance

Ray Bradbury’s Challenge to Us, “To Be a Child of One’s Own Time” – a lesson from “Zen in the Art of Writing”

How to Read “Being a Writer is Hard” Essays – and keep your cool

Disaster Preparedness for Writers – it’s one of the most important things we do, so protect it

Write, Decide, Finish – “done for now” is a form of done



Our Heroes Need Us Too – That day when I met THE Kara Swisher


THE MAKE PROJECT – I accepted BlogHer’s challenge to write every business day for a month on the topic of “make.” Although it was geared towards DIY, crafts, and cooking blogs, I used it as a lens to explore writing.  And life.



Postcard from Burning Man 2014

Postcard from NV88, Black Rock City Airport (Burning Man 2014)

Go Ahead – Live a Little, Live a LOT, Live Often

Postcard from Deathguild’s Thunderdome at Burning Man

Postscript: Earth, Wind, and Fire (Burning Man 2014)


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